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Buy thesis skins

I am now part of a community and I will pray to my DIY shrine for fast delivery……. Thesis 2 feels and acts likes an arrogant product that has no respect whatsoever to user experience and support. I currently have Genesis for one of my websites. You could also check out WooThemes Canvas.

Design controls, flexible, etc. It has all the woo of WooThemes: Shortcodes, good documentation, etc. I am so glad that I found this post. Now I am looking at the available 6 skins there are probably more, but… to purchase to use as a fix for my site. I was smart. Regarding Thesis 2. Man, Thesis 2. He also seems to have nothing but disdain for the WordPress community: GPL, best coding practices etc. I think of him as a highly original thinker. Not always right, but nevertheless clever.

His Typography Calculator is simple and incredibly useful. Also interesting from a mathematical standpoint. But Thesis 2 is crap. He forgot to ask anyone for an opinion during the looooooong development process, and got derailed early on. I just want to say thank you for documenting the deceptive advertising. Liana at DIY Themes refused to refund my purchase by lamely responding that I was beyond the 30 day period and that I should have gone to the technical support board and asked when they would be delivered!

Yes, ironically she said it was up to me to ask them to communicate to their customers about their false, I mean ever-changing delivery promises. DIYthemes never responded to that last email. I want no relationship with them and refuse to use their products which you so aptly point out are sub-par. I only wish this post was available before I purchased. So while I suggest any DIY themes customer who is unhappy with their ever changing delivery promises after they accepted payment contact them directly at [email protected] and ask for a refund, if they refuse to refund your money you have options.

Regardless of how this turns out for me, I hope I can make someone else think twice before handing their money over to DIYthemes. Sad how Chris Pearson slowly but surely burns down his business and personal brand. I have good reason to believe Chris Pearson read this very blog post and figured he should change it.

An idea: You should put up a simple site Zach, tell this story, and urge other unhappy Thesis 2 users to join by filing their complaints as well. Ask for refunds, and notify relevant authorities. The rating can be viewed at the following link:. I recommend other people file complaints at the link above so that the pattern of abuse is documented for all to see.

And as a warning to consumers who still think they want to try the Thesis theme from DIYthemes. If you ask for a refund and the DIY Themes refuses, your next course of action would be to file a complaint at Paypal. But the game is rigged.

The details may be found at the following link:. Thanks for getting in touch with an update! So cool that you actually got him a well-deserved, though sad, F rating. Well, knowing thesis I do say you can do whatever with it but you need to know how. There are few people who do. How difficult is to create a skin? As difficult as riding a moto in the dark and blinded. That will be an experiance. After that challenge, I think i will move away. After all, I had many of the thesis 2 features under Thesis 1.

Hi there! Great post. You know, I first stumbled across Thesis back in , when I was revamping a then-Blogspot-hosted blog that I wanted to move to a self-hosted WordPress site. The marketing pitch made it sound like a non-tech like me a then-freelance writer would be able to get it up and running in no time.

I finally got to the point where I understood it enough to create a decent site and even make some changes. At the time, DIYThemes had very little in the way of tutorials, so just about all of the knowledge I obtained I gleaned from scouring the site forums for little bits of information and code I could copy and paste. It was excruciating.

So imagine my shock and dismay when I downloaded Thesis 2. Genesis is an ok theme framework. Version 1. See also some comments on Genesis here! I have been using thesis on my blog since and waiting for the more user-friendly interface for non coder guy like me. Thesis 2. I tried to follow the instruction in a website to use thesis blank skins.

Now I can not click the post without find blank page. Just like the name. Good job. Both of your posts on Thesis 2 echo my sentiments exactly. On a positive note: Thesis 2 has served to highlight just how cool Headway 3. In fact, Thesis 2 — in many ways — is like a failed attempt to do what Headway already does very well.

Thesis 2 has also made me more grateful and respectful of the integrity of other developers like Brian Gardner StudioPress , and WooThemes who, in my experience, consistently demonstrate a very healthy and professional balance between great products and customer-focused service. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Thesis deadlines are slippery deadlines Or so it seems.

The official DIYthemes forums are shock full of complaints about these missing Thesis 2 skins. What makes Chris Pearson feel he can treat his future and current, loyal customers that way? So why would any of them result in a responsive skin? Try resizing your browser window and scroll around a bit;- What to do? I am so happy and impressed with his quick and friendly service. It's rare for theme developers to respond, let alone to go above and beyond to help with custom questions. I highly recommend buythesisskins.

They have tons of great skins to choose from for a great price! Although there were many skins available to my liking, I was in need of e-commerce on my website. In addition, he identified areas of opportunity that I did not previously consider. The overall level of customer service and communication well exceeded my expectations. I installed one of his skins and needed just a little help to get all my content to look perfect and to make some custom modifications. He emailed me right away, and gave me detailed instructions along with pictures of how to do exactly what I needed.

The themes are elegant and accessible, I love working with them! RIW was an existing blog which was converted to a new fresh and updated skin. There were many skins to select from, but the challenge was converting the existing site into the new skin. That said, Phillip was extremely helpful and responsive. He was consistently prompt in his responsiveness and always met his timelines if not exceeded.

His depth of knowledge was impressive and beneficial. I would strongly recommend Phillip to any individual or company developing or enhancing their web design. The website turned out much better than anticipated. The many skins available to choose from along with the incredible customer service to help answer any questions or suggest subtle changes resulted in the incredible site. You can pick any of our plans and be a member of our site.

Once you opt in for any of our plan, you will be eligible to access the members area and avail the package. Best Hosting. SEO in Image Optimization SEO is to improve and promote a website to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines.


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Buythesisskins is the only child theme provider who offers you free SEO guide for buying skins. Quick Email Support. Everyone likes quick support and email is. Our Thesis Skins are best suitable for Thesis Theme , Best Thesis Skins Take a Look at a moment, buy and enjoy with our Skins with low cost of price. Note: Our Thesis Skins are not an ordinary Wordpress Theme. It surely needs Thesis Framework. Click Here to Buy Thesis Theme Framework.