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Freedom writer essays


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Give us your email and we'll send you the essay you need. Send me the sample. By clicking Send Me The Sample you agree to the terms and conditions of our service. We'll not send you spam or irrelevant messages. Please indicate where to send you the sample. Your sample has been sent. For instance, take the large-scale persecution of Jews. But through the movie there was true tension between Mrs. One of the characteristic Eva, her father was in prison because of faithfulness to the gang, and she had to testify in court on a case.

Her lesson plans fail. If Erin Gruwell Married to Scott Teacher of Room Energetic Eva Benitez Father was arrested in front of her eyes when she was 5 she sees a guy get shot in front of her eyes while waiting to go to her first day of school. Erin is faced by diversity in her class now managing the diverse racial group from different backgrounds is the greatest challenge for her.

Erin comes across an ugly racial cartoon during her class. That cartoon becomes the most active teaching aids for Erin and they spark a transformation in the classroom. Erin started to connect with her students and motivated them to change their lives through journal writing. Erin knew that every one of her students has some story of their own to tell. So she motivates them to keep a journal to write their experiences and thoughts to share with the class for the better understanding of each other.

Erin succeeds in her attempt to manage diversity and her students learned a lot. Gruwell is praised in the end for preparing so many kids for graduation and college, which is a first for many of the kids within their families. Unfortunately, not all humans see it that way. Erin Gruwell, The Freedom Writers Diary This quotation would think me in the way that we are all special whatever race we are and ethnic we have we are still the same as a human.

This quotation emphasizes that Gruwell motivate her students to strive hard in times of diversity that we all face every day. Though Gruwell faces a lot of circumstances in the times that her principal opposes her teaching strategies and criticize by her co-workers. Still, she continues to teach despite the bad ambiance of her environment. She wants to fight for the right of the students especially to learn and to give attention to the society. Erin Gruwell became fiercely determined.

She tapped into her creativity and passion to find a way to break through to these students. And in the end, she succeeded in helping them overcome the prejudice and violence that had pervaded their lives. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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