thesis on factors affecting reading comprehension

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Thesis on factors affecting reading comprehension popular rhetorical analysis essay writer for hire online

Thesis on factors affecting reading comprehension

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This is not an example of the work written by professional academic writers. Here you can order a professional work. Find a price that suits your requirements. Reading is one of the most important skills in English than an individual must need to master. It is a toll subject for it is prerequisite of all learning areas. It serves as a gateway to every child to learn the different subject because a child has a difficulty in reading, he may encounter also difficulties in all subject areas.

At the same time where the technology becomes an advance pupils and students have become addicted to these modern facilities or gadgets. Many of them prefer to play video games, text, chat in the internet rather than reading. Too much engagement caused pupils to have poor level of reading and comprehension.

Comprehension is reading with understanding. It is decoding meaning from the printed text not only in single words or sentences but also of the interrelationships among the sentences in discourse. One of the many problems of the Grade-V pupils of Dulangan Elementary School is how to improve their reading speed and comprehension skills.

Pupils cannot answer questions about the subject matter he has read or he cannot tell what he had read. It is necessary therefore for the teachers to provide as many opportunities as possible to discover some factors that affect the reading speed and comprehension in many lessons. Answer the following questions to assess how well you followed the SQ3R method, and whether it helped. Note: Your grade for the assignment will depend on the quality and honesty of your responses and not on how successful you felt you were.

What was the main point of the written piece? What did each section Generally this study was conducted to determine the reading and comprehension level of the Grade-V pupils at Dulangan Elementary School. This study was limited only to the level reading speed and comprehension skills of Grade-V pupils of Dulangan Elementary School.

The result of the study would be beneficial for the pupils and the teachers for this would serve as their basis to find out strengths and weaknesses of the learners. Reading speed — refers to how slow or fast the reader is. Comprehension — capacity of the mind to perceive and understand Education — is the aggregate of all process by which respondents develop ability, attitudes and other form of behavior Abilities — natural or acquired attitudes; a power or capacity to do or act.

Attitude — manner disposition or feeling with regards to a person or thing. Heibert, et. Thus, a growing body of evidence suggests almost all reading problems are preventable. Fluency allows learners to store information with precision, expressiveness and increased speed. The ability to read fluently is developed through practice. As learners become fluent learners, they will spend less time trying to understand the meaning of words and more time considering the meaning of sentences.

Over time, fluent readers will develop the ability to respond with understanding of the text. The Beginners often rely on skilled students to guide them through the text. However, as beginners develop and grow older they are able to monitor the reading comprehension. Students can guide their self-study by identifying cognitive problems as they occur. Students can solve comprehension problems by remembering what they have read, asking themselves questions or checking the text.

Students can respond enthusiastically to a well-written text when they have critical thinking skills. As students read, they can get the main idea and supporting details, the sequence of events and the general text structure.

Students will also be able to identify textbooks and their impact on the text. You must be logged in to post a comment. Skip to content.