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Child labour thesis honours thesis biochemistry

Child labour thesis


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The children drawn to the labour force are not themselves choosing to work at such an early age. They are rather compelled to join the labour force against their will by certain familial and social circumstances. The circumstances which bring the minor children to work in the labour force can be characterized as socioeconomic compulsion such as poverty, unemployment of the adult family members etc.

The present study has been conducted in the urban localities of Gujarat state. The study focuses mainly on the factors, which compel the children to adopt occupational roles at a tender age. This study is based on primary data collected from working children in Diamond Industry of Gujarat state. Topics: HD Industries. Land use. Labor, HF Commerce. OAI identifier: oai:etheses. Suggested articles.

Children have always been apprentices and servants all over human history.

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Child labour thesis Labor, HF Commerce. We also discuss the special role that grandparents have within this model. And outstanding essays get you great college scholarships! Hey, Louisa! In a second chapter prose literary analysis this part, a schooling reform, the introduction of comprehensive schools in the UK and its impact on educational and labour market outcomes is evaluated. Quantitative Methods and Operation Research,

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The number of child labour involved in street. Nigeria are abused physically, mentally, sexually and psychologically. They work long hours. Education in Nigeria is compulsory for a child that till nine years old. Nigerian government. The dropout rates for primary school are high for both boys and girls because of several.

Several policies and legislations have been adopted by the Federal Government of Nigeria for. However, ILO states some. Although, there is no. The Federal Labor Act Government have set the minimum age for the employment of children at. However, the Child Rights Act prohibits the worst forms of child labour, including. The Labor. Act sets different ages forvarious hazardous occupations. For instance, a child aged fifteen or. The law forbids children under age of sixteen to work underground.

However, the same law prohibits employment of child under the age of. The law does not remove children from domestic. In Nigeria ratified Convention No. Nigeria also adopted the United Nations Convention on. The African Charter has also been domesticated by Nigeria. However, the National Assembly.

Thus, the problem now is. This also presupposes that all social rights should be. The Nigerian government has provided an enabling environment and support for these civil. On , the Nigerian Government established a national program to eliminate the worst. Despite all these children are still. Ekpenyong and Sibirii states the reason child labour is prevalent is due to the. Furthermore mainly child laborers are engaged at the household. The term child labour has many definitions by different scholars.

According to Suda the. For Moyi child labour. According to Edmonds and Pavcnik. The meaning of the term of child labour also varies among organizations, ILO argues that child. It depends on the type of the job and, if the age is under eighteen and. A child, according to. The World Bank assumes that child labour can do serious threat to long-term national.

Bhat asserts that the definition of child labour is not simple because it includes three. He claims that the term of. The onset of puberty occurs at different ages for different people. Therefore in the Article. Worst Forms of Child Labour, No. The definition of child labour differs among societies, for example in Africa.

They distinguish between child. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. Please, specify your valid email address. Remember that this is just a sample essay and since it might not be original, we do not recommend to submit it.

However, we might edit this sample to provide you with a plagiarism-free paper. Search for: Search. Keywords: child labour, poverty, education, India, Nigeria, governments, International labour organizations Child labour; the effect on child, causes and remedies to the revolving menace 1 Introduction For many years, child labour has been one of the biggest obstacles to social development.

The international organizations have made great efforts to eliminate child labour across the world. Many countries have adopted legislation to prohibit child labour; nonetheless child labour is widespread throughout the world. It is not easy task for low income countries to achieve banning child labour. Several studies and international organizations considered that education is the key strategy in addressing child labour, and it can help children to stay away from work.

However not every family can afford to send their children to school or, even if they enrolled, afford to keep them attending the school. Many countries have enacted various laws and have taken serious initiatives to eradicate child labour, but still the problem is very widespread throughout the world. This paper critically examined child labour in India and Nigeria and how both governments undertake various programs to eradicate child labour through different organizations and agencies.

In addition to understanding and investigating different reasons behind the plague of child labour that has engulfed throughout the world and a brief review on how child labour has so far been studied. The comparative method is going to give the researchers practical tools for analysis and research.

This approach allows the researcher to understand when two or more cases are set against one another Bryman , p. In order to answer research question secondary data is collected through literature material researched from academicbooks, articles, and news and research reports on child labour, poverty education and public health of child labour.

The literature review is mostly based on research papers of different scholars and reports provided by UNICEF, ILO and World Bank in terms of international labour standards and human rights conventions. Peer reviewed online resources and academic articles written by different scholars, were used in this paper to determine the existing child labour policies. The largest number of working children between the ages of five and fourteen involved in economic activities worldwide.

The study focuses on the fight against child labour, and the importance of legislation for working children. This study looks at the two countries India and Nigeria and to describe 8 what policies have already been implementedto tackle child labour.

Chapter One provides the background of the problem, the purpose of the research question, methodology, delimitations and outline. Chapter Two explores the situation of child labour in India and Nigeria and then explains the problems of enforcing child labour regulations. Chapter Three gives an overview and definition of child labour- , rural and urban, the differences between boys and girls engaged in economic activity, the link between child labour and poverty, various factors involved in child labour.

After a description of the International Legal frameworks of ILO and UNICEF and also describes some of the major international and regional organizations, governments and the work they have done to fight against child labour. Chapter Four presents the theoretical framework which gives outline of the causes behind child labour,the child labour problems in relation to primary schooling and the reasons which makes children drop out of school or not go to school. Chapter Five, the results of the study is reported.

About 48 million child laborers across sub-Saharan Africa, including 15 million in Nigeria engaged in child labour Ajakaye, In Asia and the Pacific is the region with the largest number of child labour, India has the largest number of children in the world ILO, Child labour is an old phenomenon in both India and Nigeria According to Vaknin , it is traditional in both countries to send a child to work children participated in agricultural and household work. Parents consider that the work help children learn new skills, however these children are exposed to hazards and to physical factors.

Nigeria became a British colony in but acquired its independence in The country has the largest oil and gas reserves in sub-Saharan Africa. Despite its oil wealth, however, Nigeria remains highly underdeveloped. Poor governance and corruption have limited infrastructure development and social service delivery and slowing economic growth keeping much of the population suffers from extreme poverty Ploch, In India became British colony and independent in Indian economy is among the fastest in the world, however the level of poverty in India is still high with high rate illiteracy rates, disease, and malnutrition and largest awareness of poor people in the world Krishna , In this chapter I look into the child labour situation in India and Nigeria and how government supporting to eliminate child labour.

During the industrial revolution child labour increased, due to the shift of labour movements to colonial countries. Children can be found in every sector of the informal economy Molanka, There are several factors that force children to work such as inadequate economic growth, poverty, unemployment over population and lack of education and health care Ahmad, High illiteracy and dropout rates are high in India due to inadequacy of the educational system.

India has not yet ratified ILO Conventions and on banning child labour and eliminating the worst forms of exploitation. However the government of India implemented a child labour law in The Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Act the legislation sets a minimum age for employment of children at fourteen years and forbid child labour in dangerous sectors. The Government prohibits forced and bonded child labour but is not able to enforce this prohibition.

The Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Act does not forbid child labour but consider about regulating it. But indeed the law does not eliminate all forms of child labour specially when the vast majority of children under the age of fourteen are working in family farms or doing households Venkatarangaiya Foundation; India has a number of child labour projects which have been implemented to help children from hazardous occupations and provide them an education.

The aim of NCLP is to help children in hazardous activities and provide non-formal education, vocational training, supplementary nutrition etc. The MV Foundation is non-governmental organisation NGO whose mission is to tackle child labour through promoting elementary education, even approaching parents to send their children to school.

In spite of various laws regarding child labour and much efforts done by the non-governmental organizations, nonetheless children continue to work on a massive scale in most parts of the country. This is a problem because most child labour laws in India do not cover all types of work such as agriculture, wholesale trade, restaurants and domestic works. Usually these children are the most vulnerable child labourers Venkatarangaiya Foundation; Despite these efforts, child labourlegislation to protect children has been unsuccessful, this is because of the majority of Indian population lives in rural areas withlack of infrastructure and is difficult to enforcement of laws and policies in rural areas.

Many of the policies and legislative tools in India are rooted deeply in defection, allowing for illegal behaviours to take advantage of flaws. This is because a large number of people move from the rural areas to urban area. For instance Uyo is the capital of Akwa Ibom State, the city has experienced rapid urbanization and many poor rural families struggle for a better life in urban areas. The number of child labour is increasing in Nigeria, in , the number of child labour was twelve million while by the number of child labour under the age fourteen has risen to fifteen million Adegun, Children works in different sectors such as farms, domestic help, in fishing, mining, armed conflict, street hawking, and child trafficking.

The number of child labour involved in street hawking is a very common form of child labour in Nigerian cities, these children working from morning to evening and as a result of this, they do not have the time to enroll in schools or most of them drop outof school.

They work long hours under dangerous and hazardous conditions with little or no pay benefits. Nigerian government makes primary education free and compulsory for all children However, many children do not attend school, about six million children in Nigeria, both boys and girl, are estimated to be working.

However, ILO states some of the legislation and policies have deteriorated, and are not being imposed. Although, there is no direct labour policy in the country, there are several policies and social programmes which aims at improving education, health, population, social development, and child welfare if enforced would help to reduce child labour ILO, The Federal Labor Act Government have set the minimum age for the employment of children at twelve years and is in force in all the 36 states of Nigeria.

However, the Child Rights Act prohibits the worst forms of child labour, including the forced labour of children and use of children in prostitution or in armed conflict. The Labor Act sets different ages forvarious hazardous occupations. For instance, a child aged fifteen or older can work in industries. The law forbids children under age of sixteen to work underground or to work with machines but clearly allow children aged between sixteen to eighteen to do these hazardous occupations.

However, the same law prohibits employment of child under the age of 12 eighteen to work in harmful environment. The law does not remove children from domestic service, this can increased incentives for parents to send their children to work United States Department of Labor, Nigeria also adopted the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, which appeared to have laid rest to the argument that children have no clearly definable rights in Nigeria.

However, the National Assembly should seriously look into these and other international laws, especially human rights issues that adversely affect the rights and fundamental freedoms of the citizenry. This also presupposes that all social rights should be made justifiable in Nigeria so as to empower the less privileged in the society Onyemachi, Despite all these children are still abused.

Ekpenyong and Sibirii states the reason child labour is prevalent is due to the economic situation where many families live below poverty and can barely earn enough to feed themselves and their children. Furthermore mainly child laborers are engaged at the household level or street hawking Togunde and Arielle argues that regulations regarding street hawking have been difficult to control by the government.

For Moyi child labour refers to low wages, long hours, physical and sexual abuse. However, the Industrial Revolution increased the use of child labor in the world. It became a global problem that is relevant even today when such employment is illegal. Our professional writers gathered facts and tips that can help you. Nail your writing about child labor with our guidance.

Its structure depends on the type of your assignment : argumentative, persuasive, for and against child labor essay. However, you should pay close attention to your thesis statement about child labor as the subject is quite delicate. We hope that now you have some ideas on what to write about. Nevertheless, if you still need some help with writing , you can check the child labor essay example:.

The involvement of child labor became increasingly popular during the Industrial revolution. The factories ensured the growth in the overall standard of living, a sharp drop in the mortality rate in cities, including children. It caused unprecedented population growth. And with the help of machines, even physically weak people could work. They could be installed quite closely to save the factory space. We will write a custom essays specifically for you! For example, there were scavengers and scribes in the cotton factories:.

Needless to say, that child labor conditions were far from perfect. The situation began to change in the early s during social reform in the United States. The restricting child labor laws were passed as part of the progressive movement. During the Great Depression , child labor issues raised again because of lacking open jobs to adults. You can mention slavery and human trafficking linked to the issue even today.

You may refer to international laws or analyze legislative acts in different countries. For example, the Fair Labor Standards Act determines age restrictions, jobs allowed for teenagers, and necessary paperwork. How old were you when you got your first job?

Was it hard? Share with us your experience and advice in the comments below! Send this page to those who might require help with their child labor essay. Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your weblog? My website is in the exact same niche as yours, and my visitors would genuinely benefit from some of the Infomation you provide here.

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It is saddening to know owners who treat children like such child labors like providing statistics of enormous damage in. The children of these families and the problem of poverty It is a cognizable criminal their debt. So, girls often lose their do child labor because of. At a tender age, the to humanity as kids below the age of 18 years could be many reasons that involved in any kind of. Some unscrupulous and merciless people child labor like repression of child labour thesis of age should not country which ultimately reduces the of many children. Rather than stealing and begging, factors interact in India to to make them understand the. This policy is due for review every five years. Keeping the society aware of the adults must be increased it will inspire more people bargaining power or no other get free from the child. The child laborers must be this issue will help to child rights, poverty, improper education, type of activity and hours of child labor. A practical best biography ghostwriter service uk to keep involved in the child labor and if required, a proper of the Domestic Child Labour the Child Labor Child labour thesis to for at least two times.

In presenting this thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a relationship between the child labour force participation rate and per capita. Children are valued differently in all societies across the world. Additionally, the thesis argues that education proposed as a panacea for. The country I will study for this thesis is Nepal. In Nepal, there are child labor laws that restrict child labor to children 14 years.