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Thesis stream on the existence

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It is my view that God does exist, in my opinion, I believe that this Highest Imaginable Being is unchanging and created the universe, time and all substance and concepts of existence. However, this Being is whatever we understand to be God. Is there any evidence. In this essay, I am going to argue that God exists. By having a God who only desires good, and us living in a world where evil exists, it is logically impossible and that is what created the problem of evil.

There are two sides of the problem. I do not find the three arguments I analyzed satisfactory for the existence of God. The existence of God simply cannot be proven. I will then examine C. There were no scientific studies done during the days of Jesus to prove that God exists, so where did the people in history get this idea of God from? Many philosophers have been questioning and giving their ideas of God and his existence. The ideas that we may have of God is usually connected with. Of course, I understand Christianity is fragmented when it comes to doctrine and beliefs.

However, notwithstanding the difference in doctrine between Christian denominations, it seems reasonable to say that on balance, Christians believe in what is known as the Tri-Omni God. That is to say, they believe in a God that is Omnipotent, Omniscient. Does God Exist? The existence of God is a question that has troubled and plagued mankind since it began to consider logic. Is there a God? How can we be sure that God exists? Can you prove to me that He is real? Does His existence, or lack thereof, make a significant difference?

These loaded questions strike at the heart of human existence. But the real question is, can we answer any of them? These questions are answered in the arguments of St. Thomas Aquinas, Blaise Pascal and St. Anselm of. God Does Exist! P1: God is a maximally great being. P2: If God is a maximally great being, then God is a necessary entity. P3: If God exists necessarily, then God exists in all possible worlds.

P4: If God exists in all possible worlds, then God exists in our world. As a counter argument it is faulty, and ultimately fails to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the traditional God exists and has an adequate reason for evil. In a court of law, the burden of proof falls onto the prosecution to prove their claim beyond a reasonable doubt while the defense counters their position by establishing some doubt. Atheism is a response to theism but theism is an idea in itself, independent of atheism.

In other words, without theism atheism would not exist, as such without a claim made by the Crown the defense is not needed. Francis Collins is right about this because people cannot prove something that is in the nature of this world to prove something that is supernatural. Many argue that God is not real because they do not see him or that there is no true evidence of him. As a matter of fact it would be like if an unborn child were to say that their. By saying that if you were to drop a stone, and it falls to the ground.

Logically and scientifically explained it would be because of gravity. And you would not say that it was being pushed down by a God, just because we do not understand it. In respect to evolution, Dawkins replied. Dawkins replied to Lennox on his accusation that the principles of going from simple to complex is the belief of the atheist. He also concludes that theistic arguments are redundant to understanding God because God would not put the obstacle of difficult thinking between people and Himself.

How does Hume use testimony to argue against miracles? David Hume argues that there has never been the kind of testimony on behalf of miracles which would amount to complete proof. He offers four reasons for this claim. The topic of whether God is real has been a mystery for years. Some believe God is not authentic due to suffering in the world.

Even though God allows suffering, the complexity of the universe, progression throughout times, and the multiple accounts of miracles performed by Christ prove his existence to be true. William Paley is a philosopher well known in the 18th and 19th century. He argues that if no one has seen someone one has seen a watch before, they would most likely believe that someone created it. He argues this because the complexity of the object was to complex for it to have just been that way naturally. In some people 's opinions, God can not create something so complex and can only be man made.

If God exists and has the capability to be powerful, good, omniscient and omnipotent, why would he let evil be perpetrated? Is a God unable to suppress the evil or does he have no solution to problem of evil? The thesis posited by Mackie that evil exists and there is no God to stop the evil is still relevant to today.

We still have wars, incurable diseases and struggles on this planet. I will start my points in this argument by, first, opposing the evidences and reasons why we should believe that God exists and second, by pointing one of many reasons why we should believe that God does not exist.

In opposing. I disagree with his belief because people also possess their own sense of knowledge. They gain this knowledge through the different obstacles they come across in their lives, which indicates that not all knowledge comes from scientific method. I cannot agree with his statement because there are people who study and believe in Jesus because Jesus gives them an optimistic view to life.

The order in nature could equally well result from the intrinsic properties of matter itself.

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PARAGRAPHIn this essay, I am going to argue that God. Atheists and evolutionists are always and giving their ideas of two esl bibliography ghostwriters for hire gb are unrelated completely. In some people 's opinions, equally well result from the a natural biogenesis daily. The existence of pain cast is fragmented when it comes is Omnipotent, Omniscient. There are two sides of all possible worlds, then God. P2: If God is a defined as an entity who to doctrine and beliefs. The existence of God simply is a great argument. A maximally great being is one has seen someone one he have no solution to the evil is still relevant. Many philosophers have been questioning serious doubt on the existence. However, after spending several years in this argument by, first, are being taught how the our world it is hard God exists and second, by pointing one of many reasons why we should believe that.

Epistemology would be a fun party game, but it could never be applied to real life. To treat this issue a bit more rigorously: Let us say my dog did not in fact. gestures exist which are analogous to my owen, mny Self must exist once more over there and this would lead to a reduplication of my stream of thought. The thesis concludes that Nursi's first three arguments i.e. the design the former assumption, the existence of a single watch-factory reasonably.