does a thesis count as a publication

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Does a thesis count as a publication custom dissertation hypothesis writing websites usa

Does a thesis count as a publication

Ask Another Question. Are dissertations and theses considered scholarly or peer-reviewed resources? Answer Dissertations and theses may be considered scholarly sources since they are closely supervised by a dissertation committee made up of scholars, are directed at an academic audience, are extensively researched, follow research methodology, and are cited in other scholarly work.

Topics Research Techniques. FAQ Actions. Was this helpful? Yes 17 No 0. Print Tweet Share on Facebook. Comments 0. Add a public comment to this FAQ Entry. Can't find an answer to your question? Use the options below:. Search for your research topic more info. Copies of theses are usually kept in department and university-wide libraries, but not published as such in professional journals. Their form and content are not the same as that of a journal article, or a book for that matter.

This is because even though dissertations are not peer-reviewed published in peer-reviewed journals , they are often considered scholarly because they were written for an academic audience. Dissertations and theses have value as research material, and they are an important form of scholarly communication. No, get it published in a peer reviewed journal and then call it a publication.

You can put it on your vita as your MA thesis though, sometimes people will put it under their education section under the MA degree part. You also should, if it is relevant to the work. But, generally speaking this should be fine, as Masters thesis are examples of completed and verified research in that they have either undergone defense or are peer reviewed — as was my case. Career In Academia In some universities you are not allowed to publish work from your thesis or dissertation until after it has been submitted for examination for your degree.

This means that you cannot publish as you go along. A dissertation or thesis is considered published when it is available from a database such as ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global or PDQT Open, an institutional repository, or an archive. To conclude, you can simply publish your dissertation.

But converting it into a book will be a rewarding process. Go slowly with it but start positively and work on it regularly. When you are done, get in touch with the book publishing companies to turn your thesis into a book. To publish a book out of your thesis, you need to contact a publisher who publishes books in your subject area. They may want to see your thesis first, to see if it is worth publishing. And if that is the case, a publisher will be able to advice you accordingly i.

No thesis or dissertation may be classified or otherwise restricted in circulation except in time of national emergency on specific authorization of the General Committee. There may be times when the content of a thesis or dissertation will be fully or partially published elsewhere, or includes patentable technology.


Your paper should be a reworking of the material in your thesis and written to conform to the journal's style guide. The course publication section , offered by the Graduate School, offers helps and tips. When quoting from your thesis or reusing figures, avoid self-plagiarism by citing and referencing any extracts copied or adapted from your thesis appropriately.

If you intend to publish your thesis or are approached by a publisher, request a copy of the publishing agreement before signing it - make sure that publication is in your best interests and will not restrict your future use of the content. Your rights to publish You retain the copyright in your thesis unless: your research is sponsored or funded by a funder with a claim on the intellectual property your research builds upon existing intellectual property generated by, or jointly invented with, Imperial employees or associates you are concurrently an employee of Imperial College London during your period of study For details see Intellectual property In principle, you may reproduce, or give others permission to reproduce, parts or the whole of your thesis but you must consider: third party works and the permission you have been given to use them - if your permission does not extend to the intended use, send a second permission request to the owner of the third party copyright work any plans to apply for a patent application, meaning that you must postpone communication of your research through an embargo Discuss any of the above issues with your supervisor.

Publishing in a journal Journals generally accept papers based on work already written up in a thesis. Comments 0. Add a public comment to this FAQ Entry. Can't find an answer to your question? Use the options below:. Search for your research topic more info. Submit a Question. Call Us: Text Us: Check out our Library Guides. Go to our A-Z Databases List. Access Alumni Databases.

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In academia, published typically means included in conference proceedings or a journal by a publisher in some format (typically a printed book) that has an ISBN. › questions › is-a-masters-thesis-considered-p. Yes, but a very special kind of publication. Copies of theses are usually kept in department and university-wide libraries, but not published as such in.