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Event management business plan download mcps homework

Event management business plan download

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Event management business plan download College resume cover letter examples
Cover letter for designers There are few recognized event management organizations in the country. Business plans. You'll get guided from the beginning to the end. We have prepared a solid event planning business plan sample that guides you on every stage of your business plan writing. It has ready-made content that can be modified in any way as per your preference.
Esl descriptive essay writer for hire gb Subscription settings. So before you start your own event planning businessdo some research about what kind of event management business plan are most in demand nowadays. Break even Total Cost Sales 0 0 PART-V 5 Marketing Plan The marketing plan focuses on how the business will market and sell its product or service. Our keys to success include the commitment to quality by every person who is part of the team. Include where you will be based plus information on any overhead costs associated with the business premises.
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The huge market out there has not been explored yet. This market can be distributed into three major segments. The corporate clients are located in Gulshan, Dhanmondi and Motijheel — which will be the key area of attention while conducting the marketing accomplishments. As a result, they have less time to spend on social affairs like marriages, get together or a may be a birthday party for the children, or concert and other family function as well as social functions.

These people make up the non- corporate client segment of the event management market. Each year the Bangladesh Government hosts a variety of programs. Which firm will be in care of these programs are decided by tenders. Target market determination As has been mentioned earlier, the market for event management has been unexplored. But, at the same time, this market is too huge to be targeted by a small firm like Friends Event Management. To be successful Friends Event Management will have to emphasis its attention to segments or niches that the big players have unnoticed or ignored.

This way, Friends Event Management will be able to avoid conflict with the major players in the market by specializing along market, customer, service and marketing mix lines. Through smart targeting, Friends Event Management will be able to receive as much profit as the market leaders.

The corporate clients, particularly the MNCs are very much willing to involve in long-term contracts with professional event management organizations. They are not willing to dismiss their contract nearly and would like to engage both an event management firm as well as advertising firms on a short term basis to see just how much value professionalism adds to the process of event management.

Most substantial increase will take place for the manufacturing firms and MNCs. Friends Event Management will also target the local manufacturing companies, local service companies, private and public educational institutions, financial and non-financial institutions, and small businesses. As it is very doubtful that the number of events the corporate customers initiate would decrease in coming future, the firm is looking at a very positive market indicator.

Friends Event Management will also target the Government programs and bid for them. This will give Friends Event Management a boost in image, which will help the firm to capture the attention of the whole market. A study revealed that the personal customers are very much interested in event management services. These customers will form Friends Event Management non-corporate target group. We also focus on old town area especially as their taste and trend changing in very positive way.

These companies are moderately satisfied with the current event management situation, and see room for improvement. Most of the non- corporate client want to do their event by their own. But time has changed. People are now willing to make their event better and lucrative.

So they heading toward event management firm to make their important event memorable and want to fill more relax during those event by transferring responsibility. Number of Event Management firms offer cost effective price for non-corporate events so as ours. We need to capture this opportunity and provide them quality service which improve buyer attraction more toward event management firm rather organize event by their own. On the other hand as Bangladesh economy growing more new local and foreign MNCs are investing in Bangladesh and organize their corporate event through professional event management firms.

We also capture their attention through professionalism. At last Government Events are more crucial some of these event telecast worldwide. So government always want to see their events world-class. So government also like to arrange event through professional companies. We also concentrate on this. These are the various advertising organizations that are operating in our country as they are providing most of the event management services at present to the corporate clients.

Other than that there are two event management companies, Asiatic EML and CEMS Conference and Exhibition management System , who are providing somewhat similar services can also pose a possible threat. The potential competitors are those companies that would enter the market after our introduction. The firm will have to keep an eye on these new competitions to see what kind of value addition they are capable of, in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. The low or non-existent obstacles to entry and exit compound the competition condition further.

The lack of effective barriers to entry and exit may present crucial danger to the growth of our business as the industry matures. In future more and more organizations will look for professional event management services to manage their events effectively. Friends Event Management intends to take full advantage of this opportunity.

The business plan provides pros and cons of establishing a profitable business venture. The report went to great details in recognizing the potential risks and threats, is simply because the entrepreneur wants to stay a step ahead of the problems that can hinder the progress of this venture. In identifying the potential risks, the author was as thorough as she could, simply because using such foresight Friends Event Management will be able to stay away from all sorts of trouble.

As government event are difficult to get and it has lot of option. On the other hand corporate and individual events will take place all over the year moreover it will generate a handsome amount of revenue in favor of Friends Event management. Individual event are also a great source of revenue generation as weeding take place each month more or less and also other events too. Margin is also crucial element in any business. As event management will provide service in order to generate revenue.

The fixed cost of a service business is lesser than other business. The variable amount will be different according to event requirement. Operating leverage is highest in companies that have a high proportion of fixed costs relative to their variable costs. In contrast, operating leverage is lowest in companies that have a low proportion of fixed costs relative to variable costs.

As Friends Event management have its fixed cost lower its variable cost and the portion is very little so that we can expect Friends Event Management operating leverage will be way lower and hence it will recover its investment in its first year of business operation. The start-up cost investment funds were provided by each of owners to establish this business. It is the wish of the founders to remain a debt-free establishment.

However, recognizing that in reality not all variables are controllable, outside financing is a viable option. If fund needed in near future Friends event management will choice this option to finance their activities. In that way firm will recover its investment within first year. So break even sales will amount to Tk. Fortunately, Friends Event management will be able to achieve this target in the first year of operation.

Break even Total Cost Sales 0 0 PART-V 5 Marketing Plan The marketing plan focuses on how the business will market and sell its product or service. It deals with the nuts and bolts of marketing in terms of price, promotion, distribution, and sales. Friends Event Management will offer a superior service at a lower cost due to specialization. By concentrating specific services in specifically, Friends Event Management will become capable at these services and perform the services better than other similar organization as passage of time.

Friends Event Management will increase company visibility through a website, local Chamber of Commerce networking, and participation in fair, print and electronic media and mostly in different social site like twitter, Facebook etc The website will be quite detailed and provide a visitor in-depth information about the services Friends Event Management offers, the corresponding high level of quality, and the cost savings that can be achieved by using Friends Event Management.

Lastly, Friends Event Management will be active in the many trade shows. The use of trade shows allows potential client of Friends Event Management to make initial contacts with us for a wide range of businesses events that would otherwise be difficult to approach. Government events To organize above events we will try our best and categorized them into 4 category.

They are- 1. Customized Corporate Events 2. Creative Corporate Events 3. Government Events In order to provide better services to its customers than the competitors, Friends Event Management will maintain a number of databases and use all available technology to keep up to date with our service and always in search of provide our client something new.

Once set at a level, it is hard for any firm to change it. As a new comer in the market, Friends Event management has to be cautious in pricing its services. After bearing in mind a number of elements, Friends Event management has decided to offer its customers a number of packages — all based on markup pricing. This is a strategy that Friends Event management will use to lure clients from the competitors. It will also attract small corporations, who at present are unwilling to hire event management services due to high costs associated with it.

For example, a company wants to sponsor a concert to raise funds for children suffering from cancer. The purpose is sending a message that Friends Event management is not interested in small events and also to communicate to the market that the firm is providing quality services at a premium price. Friends Event management is claiming that the firm is looking for prestige and professionalism — and someone looking to cut cost in a birthday party is not the person the firm is looking for.

In sometime customers may want to reduce the price. Our sales people will go to corporate offices to find potential clients, to induce them to use our service. This is a process that is not yet followed in our country. This online service will include ordering for the event, reviewing and complimentary the budget and monitoring the progress.

This will save both time and money of both parties. However Friends Event Management also decide to adopt every promotional activity to promote our business. Networking can help our business in two ways. If people have met us and know what services we offer, they may refer business to us or use our service themselves. Furthermore, networking with hotels, caterers and so on will give us a chance to meet some of the people whose services we may need as we plan events.

The Ad on first four days will try to create public awareness about the event management organization. Friends Event Management will also advertise in online portal to reach attention of every possible viewer. Friends Event Management will also advertise in Different weekly or monthly magazine to promote our business. We will choice TV channel to promote our business primarily. We also advertise through mobile operator. In this way we open our official page which will be linked with our official site.

In this way we can capture young people who has very much interest in event management business and also want to organize event will pay their attention toward us. We also can get feedback from them to improve our service.

Within each market segment, closing of deals will differ. Each approach is described as follows: 1. Private and Public Organizations Sales will be settled one to two days after the end of the event. A follow-up phone call will be placed notifying the client of the total cost, number of attendees, and information about the billing packet that will arrive at their offices.

Feedback forms will be included in these packets to ensure the client is being served as they deem appropriate. Form letter thank-you card will be sent following each event. Individuals Sales will be concluded with a follow-up phone call one to two days after the event. The phone call will explain the total cost of the event, number of attendees, and information concerning the billing.

Invoices will be sent out the 25th of the month and will be due the 10th of the following month. Thank-you cards will follow each individual event. Many seemingly promising start-ups never get off the ground because their product development efforts stall or the actual development of the product or service turns out to be more difficult than expected. For that we provide great emphasis on our development work. We will use event planning software to present a visualize event as per client requirement which will help our event planning more easily.

We also keep up to date with all over the world to provide our client international flavor of their events. In addition, to provide the planning services, we will also sell resource manuals and step-by-step guides. These resource manuals and step-by-step guides can be either purchased directly from our office in Manhattan or they can be downloaded from your official website by making an online payment via PayPal and Payoneer. The resource manual is a compilation of various services providers such as caterers, decorators, bands, and disc jockeys located in the surrounding area.

A ranking is given to them along with their contact details. This manual gives the client the freedom of making a choice based on experience. Similarly, the step-by-step guides include the detailed guidelines for planning out the birthdays, meetings, retreats, parties, vacations, and special occasion celebrations such as graduations, holidays, showers, weddings, and receptions event.

It will guide the readers on what is needed for and how to put together a successful, worry-free and successful event with popular refreshments, recipes, games. By using these resource manuals and step-by-step guides, anyone can easily plan the small-scale events for themselves. It is only after this stage that a good event management business plan could have been developed. After identifying the local market trends in the New York City, the marketing experts and analysts also helped her to select the best site for establishing the main office of the company.

The success or failure of a business totally depends upon its marketing strategy which can only be developed on the basis of accurate marketing analysis. There are four main steps to carry out an accurate marketing analysis which are to identify the current market trends, identify your target audience and potential customers, set out the business targets to achieve, and finally set the prices of your products and services.

Marketing analysis is a must-do thing before you move on to event planner business plan because the planning of many subsequent components depends on it. Therefore, it must be considered before developing a party planner business plan. The event management industry is hardly a couple of decades old and has already experienced unprecedented growth.

Today, event management is not just limited to planning and organization but much more. Moreover, this industry is one of the few industries which have seen a constant increase in revenue along with the increase in business locations with time. It has been estimated that event industry contributes more than a hundred billion dollars to the annual GDP of the United States.

The number of event planners has increased exponentially over the past few years. After identifying these market trends, it is clearly evident that the event management industry is always blooming and can be immensely profitable provided you plan your business successfully. The community consists of all types of people from varying backgrounds. The corporate sector also provides many opportunities to us since the Downtown Manhattan houses many local, national and multinational businesses and companies.

On average, these businesses make millions of dollars every year and can easily spend extravagantly on their events for the sake of promoting their brands. In order to develop a good event planning business plan sample it was crucial to analyze the market segmentation of the future customers of our services. A successful and efficient marketing strategy can only be developed after we completely know our potential customers.

Our experts have identified the following type of target audience which can become our future consumers:. The biggest consumer of our services will be the corporate sector located in Downtown Manhattan. There are hundreds of local, national and multinational businesses and companies located within 15 km radius of our office.

These corporations organize company retreats once or twice a year to increase team building between their employees and to take a break from the hectic and monotonous office routine. Similarly, these companies need to organize work sessions, team meetings, seminars, workshops, and conferences multiple times in a year. Most of these businesses make millions of dollars every year and can easily spend extravagantly on their events for the sake of promoting their brands and for entertaining their high-profile guests.

They will contribute the biggest portion of our revenue and hence our marketing strategy will be specifically tailored to attract this customer group. The second category comprises of various government institutions in addition to schools, colleges, and universities located in Manhattan. These institutions frequently host many public events and gatherings such as award ceremonies, educational events, conferences and seminars, alumni meet up events etc.

The residential community is extremely diverse comprising of people belonging to various age groups and varying needs. This customer group will need our services for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and parties. As discussed earlier, we are strategically located in one of the richest neighborhoods in the United States where the residents have monthly incomes up to a hundred thousand dollars. We aim to become the best event planners of the New York City within next five years of our startup.

Our main business targets to be achieved as milestones over the course of next three years are as follows:. Product and service pricing is one of the most important factors in deciding the strategy for a business plan for an event planner.

Selecting the price for the services is a difficult task, especially for the startups, because one has to attract customers while yielding a profit at the same time. These two things cannot be achieved at the same time and the only way out is to select a compromised trade-off or balance between the two. After considering the market demands, we have priced all our services in the similar ranges as of our competitors. The reason behind our pricing policy is to achieve the minimum attractive rate of return which would not be possible in case of offering our services at low prices.

We had a great experience with OGScapital. They were quick, on top of the BCP, and got us exaclty what we needed. We also had an issue with completing a task in a certain time required and they were nice enough to help us out and allow us an additional week.

Thank you Alex for all your help! Like marketing analysis, sales strategy is also an important component of an event planning business. After identifying the market trends, the market demand, and the potential customers of the startup, the next step is to develop an ingenious strategy to attract those customers toward us. Anna carried out an extensive research about various marketing and advertising strategies before she moved to start a party planning business. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is over , party planners business in the United States and their numbers are increasing exponentially.

Considering the immense competition in this field, one has to introduce something innovative before even thinking about how to start event planning business. Our biggest competitive edge over other competitors will be our mobile app which can be used for a variety of purposes such as online booking, choosing a venue from different venues, selection of different menu plans or create a customized one for your event, selection of different activities for the event, making online payments, and much more.

After carrying out a detailed analysis, our experts came up with the following brilliant ideas to advertise and sell ourselves. Considering our innovative app, the quality of our services, and our unparalleled customer service, our sales pattern is expected to increase with years. By analyzing our market segmentation strategy, our experts have forecasted the following sales on a yearly basis which are summarized in the column charts. The detailed information about sales forecast, total unit sales, total sales is given in the following table:.

Personnel plan, like all other plans, is an important component of an effective event planning business plan example. Its importance is due to the fact that success of any business significantly depends upon its employees.

It is never easy to estimate the number and type of staff needed for a company before it is even launched therefore it is always better to seek the help of HR experts to get through this phase. Anna acquired the services of experts to help her develop the following personnel plan for her company. The company will initially hire following people:. To ensure the best quality service, all employees will be selected through vigorous testing and will be trained for a month before starting their jobs.

The following table shows the forecasted data about employees and their salaries for next three years. After deciding the strategy and personnel plan of the company, the next step is to develop a detailed map about the financial projections covering all aspects of the company. Just like the planning of other aspects, you must also prepare a financial plan before you start thinking about how to start your own event planning business.

The financial plan should craft a detailed map about the cost of startup, inventory, payroll, equipment, rent, utilities and how these costs will be covered by the earned profits. Before getting to think about starting an event planning company , make sure to carry out a detailed profit and loss analysis. The following table shows detailed data about pro forma cash flow, subtotal cash from operations, subtotal cash received, sub-total spent on operations, subtotal cash spent.

The following projected balance sheet shows data about total current assets, total long-term assets, total assets, subtotal current liabilities, total liabilities, total capital, total liabilities and capital. OGS capital professional writers specialized also in themes such as business plan for a funeral home , music festival business plan , wedding planning business plan , speaker business plan and many others. E-mail is already registered on the site. Please use the Login form or enter another.

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Use this event planning business plan template to quickly and easily create a great event planning business plan to raise funding and/or. Start and grow your Personal Event Planning business with a proven business plan. Download your Personal Event Planning sample business plan. If you're looking to develop a more modern business plan, we recommend you try LivePlan. It contains the same templates and information you see here, but with.