uc describe the world you come from essay

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Uc describe the world you come from essay custom written law essays

Uc describe the world you come from essay


This process did not talk long. It was the conversation that mattered. It was the reframing of the essay for Juan. I have had these conversations with teenagers across all social-economic groups, and they have an easier time writing truly effective UC1 essays. Many kids need to see how they can write this essay from the first person and be the protagonist from the first paragraph. Their relatives are not going to college. Their backgrounds do not show why they deserve to go to college.

They help the University of California see their potential by sharing who they are now because of the world they come from. I recommend that counselors help re-frame this essay for all students. Regardless of socioeconomic status, students are adding their drops of water through their work, service, activities, and academic passions. These activities connect back to their worlds and lead towards their futures. We need to help them understand the purpose of the essay.

Then students can draft essays that help gain admission to the amazing diverse and wonderful UC campuses. Hi Rebecca, Your reframing of the UC 1 prompt makes so much more sense as to what the essay is really asking for. You have articulated what the aim of the essay should be so succinctly. I hope to use it with my students who are struggling to answer this prompt in a meaningful way. Thank you!

Well said Rebecca. We have started rephrasing the prompts for our students since this summer too. It has helped tremendously. Getting to the present, as you described, took too long for many students. I have approached this somewhat differently. Yet they are interesting kids who care about making a mark on their world. I have them write about where they will make their mark and how.

Just curious what you think of that. Do I have this all wrong? Nancy, I read apps. Challenges faced and overcome perhaps with an example. This should reveal the positive qualities of the student. Rebecca, thank you for rewording the UC prompt 1. It much more clearly states the objective of this personal statement. It is helping my students to focus more on themselves. Your email address will not be published.

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I spent hours disassembling and tinkering with the amazing treasures I found lying around our garage. My mother, a first grade teacher, noticed my intellectual curiosity and encouraged my childhood explorations. I was given a remarkable amount of freedom at a young age. I was thrilled. My parents taught me to be independent and self-motivated by providing me opportunities to learn by trial and error.

I recall an episode where my parents bought a new microwave when I was just 10 years old. Until this day, the first thing I do after buying a new gadget is read the entire manual, in search of nifty features. My intellectual curiosity is the result of a unique combination of early influences and childhood experiences which have fueled my passion for learning inside and outside of the classroom -- learning from everything I do.

I hope to continue applying this curiosity to all aspects of my life, exploring the world through the eyes of my childhood persona. By refusing to accept the obvious explanation, refusing to settle for a superficial understanding, and refusing to endure the status quo, great American innovators like my role model Benjamin Franklin created new knowledge, new technologies, and new innovations. I strive to do the same. Learn more.

Logic would suggest that institutions receiving as many asapplications UCLA would not employ a particularly holistic admissions process—one that would give any weight to a supplemental essay, much less to four essays.

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