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Uoft engineering essay format of a cover page for a essay

Uoft engineering essay

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We encourage you to list the activities you have been involved with, throughout high school. You will be given the opportunity on your Online Student Profile to reflect on how your involvement outside of the classroom has changed due to the pandemic. If the test has not been made available in your region or you are unable to complete that test, please contact the U of T Engineering Admissions team at ask ecf.

School jurisdictions around the world are adjusting their evaluation and assessment methods and submitting results to universities accordingly. We will accept the adjusted assessment methods as determined by your educational jurisdiction in order to meet our conditions. In the event that your school board or testing agency is unable to send us final transcripts or exam results by the document deadline, please e-mail us at ask ecf.

Please take advantage of any supplementary learning materials that may be provided to you so that you are as well prepared as possible for university studies. Application deadlines are posted on the Important Deadlines page. On that page you will also find the deadlines to submit required documents, including the Online Student Profile.

All candidates are required to apply online through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre by the posted deadlines. The U of T Engineering admission process is a holistic one that takes an applicant's academic and non-academic as demonstrated in the Online Student Profile performance into account. Last year, Ontario Secondary School Diploma OSSD applicants who were eligible for admission consideration presented admission averages within the following ranges.

Note that meeting these minimum averages did not guarantee admission. While we do not discourage applicants from repeating courses, it is the policy of the University of Toronto Engineering Admissions Committee to consider only first attempt marks. The Admissions Committee in general does not consider repeated course marks. However, we will consider any extenuating circumstances that perhaps had a negative effect on academic performance.

You will need to provide documentation to explain how the circumstance affected your academic history with a specific timeline. Please note that if the circumstance is medical in nature, official medical documentation must be provided as well. Please note, if prerequisite courses have been completed more than five years from the applicant's intended start date at the University, they will be required to complete them again at the high school level.

All applicants to the U of T Engineering program are required to present Chemistry at the senior level for the education system they are studying in. Applicants who are writing an exam to meet the requirement must ensure that their result is received electronically by the February 1 st deadline to submit documents and results.

Please note that students pursuing this option must submit an interim mark by the February 1 st deadline. The Faculty requires applicants to submit an Online Student Profile as part of the admissions process. Accessed through the Engineering Applicant Portal, the Online Student Profile allows applicants to detail their extra-curricular involvement, specify their engineering program choices, and provide more information on their academic background.

Learn more about the Online Student Profile. We believe that marks alone do not provide a complete picture of your potential. The Online Student Profile gives you the opportunity to tell the Admissions Committee about your abilities, strengths and interests. In particular, we are interested in your activities and achievements that demonstrate leadership, dedication and overall excellence.

The Online Student Profile is a mandatory part of your application. If you do not submit your Online Student Profile, your application will not be considered for admission. The Faculty uses a broad-based admissions approach and does not have a set cut-off for our programs. Applicant choice is a small factor among many that we use when making our admission decisions.

Highly competitive applicants can expect to receive an offer of admission regardless of choice. However, where we have a select number of spaces to offer to students that are found to be equally competitive, we believe that those students who have indicated a strong preference to be here will ultimately be more successful in our programs. Therefore, students who rank U of T Engineering below 3 rd choice on their OUAC application will be disadvantaged in the admissions process. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their Online Student Profile and supporting documents by February 1.

Applications completed after this date are not guaranteed equal admission consideration. For a more comprehensive list of important dates and deadlines, please visit the Important Deadlines section. If you are a current Ontario high school student, your high school will automatically send us your grades for your current Ontario high school courses. If you completed or are completing studies outside of Ontario, submit those transcripts using the Document Upload feature in the Engineering Applicant Portal.

If you are offered admission, you will need to provide official final transcripts. Print the barcoded mailing labels in your Engineering Applicant Portal to mail official, final transcripts to the Engineering Undergraduate Admissions Office. The mailing labels allow you to confirm the date that your final transcripts are received, and ensure that they are sent to the correct office at U of T:.

Please note that documents sent to the University of Toronto become the property of the University and will not be returned or forwarded to other institutions. For all other English facility tests, the official results must be sent as indicated on our English Language Requirements page.

If you are required to send in a paper copy of your results for the test you have taken, they must be sent directly by the testing service to our office. You can check the status of your application online through the Engineering Applicant Portal website. The Admissions Committee uses this website to communicate with the candidates, outlining documents received and documents that are requested or missing.

This site will be active once we have received the application information from the OUAC. Please check this site regularly for updates. Applicants who have already obtained an undergraduate engineering degree from a recognized university are not permitted to proceed towards a second undergraduate engineering degree from the University of Toronto. Please visit the School of Graduate Studies program page for information on further studies.

The Engineering Applicant Portal is the primary portal for Engineering applicants. It is where you will complete your Online Student Profile and where all updates to your application, including admissions decisions, will be posted. If your question has not been addressed, please email us: engineering utoronto. The Personal Profile is a component of the Online Student Profile that takes about 30 minutes to complete online.

Question 1: You will have 10 minutes to prepare and type a word written response. Question 2: You will record a two-minute video response after two minutes of preparation. Question 3: You will record a three-minute video response after three minutes of preparation. The Admissions Committee will use all information available to make a decision; this includes all components of the Online Student Profile and your complete academic record.

There are no opportunities to redo your profile later. You may complete the practice questions as many times as you like until you feel comfortable. Applicants access the Personal Profile via a link in the Online Student Profile; no separate login or password is required. Your Personal Profile will only be used in the evaluation of your application for admission.

Your responses will not be made public or shared on social media. We recommend that you first speak to your high school or a local library to determine if they have technology that meet the requirements for the Personal Profile. If this is not successful, please contact the Engineering Admissions Office and we will help you find a solution.

The individuals who evaluate the Personal Profiles are members of the University of Toronto community who have been specially selected and trained to ensure that all profiles are fairly evaluated. We understand that some students may be nervous on camera. Please do your best to be yourself — you will be assessed on the content of your answers. The choice of location is up to you.

We recommend that you complete the Personal Profile in a quiet, well-lit location where you are not likely to be interrupted. Please ensure that the background visible in your video is appropriate. If you experience technical challenges during the submission of your video, visit kiratalent. Please contact the Engineering Undergraduate Admissions Office by e-mail at ask ecf.

There are two types of applications available: and Please select the option below that matches your academic history. After receiving your PIN number from your guidance counsellor, you may apply using the application. We welcome transfer students from other engineering programs as well as applied or physical sciences programs.

Please create an account through the OUAC and apply using the application. All other applicants will create their own accounts and apply using the application. Shortly after you apply through the OUAC, we will send you an acknowledgement email with information about your next steps. Rogers Sr. Future Engineering Undergraduates. Discover Engineering.

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