free essay on my favorite book

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Free essay on my favorite book popular creative writing writer website for school

Free essay on my favorite book

Nonetheless, if the subject of your research is your true passion, the work can be rewarding. The other most common topics are related to the authors and their written works. Feel free to explore and compare the ideas that the chosen author discusses in written works created at dawn and the end of a literary career. Then, analyze what exactly has changed and why. As an option, you may choose to write an essay on a single book.

Your tutor will appreciate it as well since a lot of books do deserve some exclusive in-depth research. If you decide to work on a not so well-known book instead, you should illustrate the major essay points with the text quotes to help the readers unfamiliar with the piece to get the idea of both — the work of literature and your essay. To get ready for research, make sure to clarify all the details of your project.

It is important that you know the formatting features, deadline, and the word count required. Take into account the citation formats preferred by your tutor. First, read the whole book and take notes as you turn page after page. Find a quiet place to be able to completely zone out and read. Note catchy details about the main characters and how the plot evolves. Pin all details that get you curious or confused in the book. Mark useful quotations that you will use as solid evidence in your essay.

Take note of the main setting of the plot. When you have all the necessary info at hand, start working on your outline. This is your plan of how your essay is going to look like. You have to sketch the main paragraphs and locate them in a logical order. Ensure the paragraphs will be logically connected.

This, in turn, will guarantee your thoughts will flow naturally. Plus, you can modify your outline at any point in the future. Start your essay with the intro paragraph that must comprise the name of the author and the title of the book.

This presents a risk that your readers might lose their interest in your story at the very start. The opening paragraph must occupy from two to ten sentences. Use your intro to set the tone for the essay. Make sure to keep your text clear and observational. Consider this — you might break this section down with universe-building, character, plot, and themes. However, this technique may vary between genres, books, and your own preferences.

Make sure to use brief quotes in the text as examples for your arguments. It is always a good idea to provide quotes because, thus, you attach everything that you say with solid support. However, you have to be particularly careful here, because lengthy quotes can occupy much of the essay space and overpower your project. Give preference to the brief quotes that will do both — get your points of view across while letting your ideas shine through. Let your readers know your conclusions.

What do you think they might enjoy about the book? Did you personally enjoy the book because of the incredible and heart-warming love theme? Do you believe that folks who like time travel issues are not going to have fun with it? No matter what conclusions you come up with, do not be mean. This book is the brainchild of another human.

Give your honest point of view about the piece of literature. An excellent way to conclude your essay about a book is to find similar books to the subject of your research. If you have time to be more specific, you can also look at some of the exact things that make these books similar. The secret of clear writing of essays on books is clear thinking. So, be perfectly clear about what you say, and then say it as directly, as simply, as concisely in your custom essay on book as possible.

For writing essays on books, follow some of the simplest rules:. These books are about the wizarding world. The Harry Potter series contains seven books. I read them over and over because they never tire me. Books also help in the development of our creativity. My parents and instructors developed in me the habit of reading.

They instilled in me the importance of reading. Books are great friends and they never leave your side. I really enjoy reading books. I was constantly encouraged to read by my parents and teachers. There are so many things for young people to learn in this series. The book teaches us the importance of friendship. Throughout the novels, Harry, Hermoine, and Ron stayed together and never gave up. It taught me the real meaning of friendship. It also demonstrated to me that no one in the universe is perfect.

Everyone has good and also evil inside them. So it all depends on whom you want to be. Books are great friends, and they never leave your side.


And she, like me, does not like abstruse words and is not afraid to ask about what she is not in the subject. Alice lives the sensual side of her soul, but at the same time knows how to reason. She knows how to set goals. She reminds me myself in a lot of situations and it makes the story even more interesting to me. When she is not happy with her presence, Alice does not stay and leaves. She is not touchy and so she lives easily and simply.

Alice does not like it when she starts to control and indicate what to do. She is very sensitive to any control over her life and is so wise to be silent when criticized and told how to do it. She accepts people as they are and she does what she wants. It has humor, which decorates our life with additional colors. This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can order our professional work here.

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They have always encouraged me to read good books. Though I love reading e-books, there is something very special about going through the printed varieties. I particularly love the smell of book pages, both old and new. My parents have also shared many of their childhood books with me.

I have a good collection of classics. I don't have any favourite author as of yet because I have read different books from different authors. Each of them has an engaging writing style. However, there is a book that I am never tired of reading.

The Book I Like Most. The novel, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is a timeless classic for all ages. Roald Dahl authored it. Every time I read the book, it leads me to a world that I have fantasized about. Even amidst the fantasy, it has some very realistic elements that make me feel that I have known the characters for years. Moreover, the novel is amusing in every sense. This is a book that I can recommend to all my friends, even those who have seldom given reading a try.

The novel revolves around Charlie Bucket, an eleven-year-old poor and fragile boy with a golden heart and strong values. Charlie stays in his small but happy home with the parents and ailing grandparents. His Grandpa Joe keeps talking about an eccentric chocolatier, Willy Wonka, who made wonderful chocolates and confectionery. However, after some people try to steal his secret recipes, Wonka has closed the factory for outsiders. Surprisingly, the next day, Charlie learns that Wonka is reopening his factory for visitors.


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