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Mba essay leadership

This situation was unacceptable. I was always clear that our value systems were non-negotiable and that our success should not be at the cost of a clear conscience. This helped us raise our first round of angel investment. However, lack of product-market fit and our inability to raise further rounds of financing meant that my first tryst with building a high growth enterprise was all but over. So, while I may have fallen flat the first time, my core guiding philosophy of doing well by doing good continues to egg me on and seek the next disruptive idea.

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He met all of my expectations of what an MBA admissions consultant should offer. Thanks very much for the support, and I look forward to making the most of my MBA experience! Thanks a million! Adcoms are looking for individuals who are ready to take full advantage of their MBA programs, which requires a willingness to learn and grow.

For example, spending a year in a foreign country can help you understand intercultural connotations of business in ways you could never have experienced before or how to communicate in completely new ways.

Demonstrating leadership by getting out of your comfort zone can be expanded to experiences about polishing foreign language skills, helping international colleagues understand your home region, or expanding a business internationally. All of these can reveal and train global leadership skills and intercultural competencies — something all schools are looking for in their candidates. Of course, we cannot forget the most obvious way to demonstrate leadership.

If you have taken on an explicit leadership position within your company or organization, this is a great way to express this value to the admissions committee. Professional leadership positions can include leading teams, guiding clients through transformation processes, presenting results to senior leadership, or taking on a senior leadership position itself. If you have had experiences like this, be sure to include them — and the challenges you faced — in your MBA admissions essay.

These ideas not only help you demonstrate leadership in your MBA essay, they might also give you bonus points for connecting leadership to other values a school might share, like community, innovation, teamwork, creativity, and a drive to make an impact. Naturally, just explaining one of the above situations in your essay will not cut it. There are a few other things that you should keep in mind and try to apply when focusing on leadership in your MBA essay.

Telling a story that thoroughly highlights your leadership role does not automatically mean it will be compelling. Often, candidates fail to show how leadership was necessary — in other words, what the problem was that required them to take on a leadership position in the first place. That is where storytelling — and specifically the STAR method — comes in.

The STAR method will help you highlight not just the problem that you faced, but also your specific role in solving it that led to success. If you want to make your story about leadership convincing, you must include all of these elements. This translates to:. Situation — clearly presenting the context for your story. Task — demonstrating that there was a problem to be solved or a challenge to be faced.

Action — showing exactly what you did to solve that problem or overcome that challenge. Results — the outcome of your actions. This can range from personal growth to helping other individuals to producing company-wide results. Using STAR is a great way to make your leadership role very clear throughout your essay and utilize storytelling strategies successfully.

At Ellin Lolis Consulting , we believe that one of the keys to a compelling essay is effective storytelling. This technique transforms your example of leadership from a stale image that adcoms have heard a thousand times to a colorful journey that highlights you as unique and valuable to their community.

Your MBA essay is the place to discuss your personal achievements. Telling a story about leadership that does not thoroughly explain your part will not be a good demonstration of leadership. This means that it is important to show the admissions committee what you specifically did in your story.

Just saying that you were part of a team that produced fantastic results will not achieve this. Instead, you must show them how your work — what you did and how you did it — was essential for collective or individual success. Not only does this allow the readers to see your contributions, but also demonstrates your capacity for collaboration! We have already established that leadership can manifest itself in many different forms, and that admissions committees see it that way, too.

This means that the adcom is not only looking for your professional leadership experiences — or that they will condemn you for demonstrating leadership in your personal life. In fact, a good mix helps the adcom understand that you have a well-rounded, flexible understanding of what leadership means. To do so, she included the following stories in her Berkeley Haas essays :. This is also a great way to show a clear pattern of leadership. When writing your MBA essay, it is good to not just show a single instance of leadership, but instead to demonstrate how your tendency for leadership is part of your brand using multiple stories.

For example, you could show how you led a school club as a teenager, started a project at an NGO during college, and went on to lead recruiting initiates at your current consulting firm. This way, the adcom has a number of examples to go on to understand that you will make for a good leader in the future. Often, the greatest way to demonstrate a pattern of leadership is by establishing it via your central theme.

A theme is a great way to connect your message to your reader. A theme is a central topic that is reinforced throughout your essay via one or more stories. If you are curious about how to effectively apply a theme in your MBA essay, check out this article. Many candidates decide to use leadership as their central theme in one or more of their essays. This is a great strategy and is definitely a winning possibility. However, you can also choose a theme with a bit more subtlety and still create an effective argument for leadership.

Their question specifically asks candidates to talk about a single! Here, Carolina uses ballet to help the reader visualize discipline and determination. She goes on to explain that she later used these traits to successfully demonstrate her leadership capabilities to overcome hurdles while implementing a membership program at her company.

As you can see, she uses the theme ballet to focus the reader on specific leadership qualities discipline and determination that helped her succeed in her career. This strategy will work for other schools and essay prompts just as well. Our client Isabella, for example, began her essay like this:. As you can see, it is possible to demonstrate leadership in your MBA essay indirectly and implicitly — and even in unique, creative ways.

Choosing your theme like this may even help reveal a new side of your personality that the admissions committee might not have otherwise been exposed to. In life, we work hard to avoid conflict as much as possible, yet when it comes to stories, conflict and tensions are not only important, but essential to captivating attention. Would Breaking Bad have been as interesting if Walter White was already an established drug lord when the show started?

Probably not. Watching him take the news of his cancer diagnosis and find an unusual way to drum up the money for treatment is just what makes the show so addictive. In an early version, the story was conflict-free. Here, not only does she show initiative, she also shows she has an ability to clearly communicate and add value to her firm , even when the odds are stacked against her.

This tactic shows development and engages the reader, making your story more memorable. So, when writing your leadership essays, make sure to give your stories some much-needed drama to really demonstrate how much impact your actions generated! There are many factors to consider when deciding how you will demonstrate leadership in your MBA essay.


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