resume for nurse aide position

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Resume for nurse aide position

I am a dedicated and compassionate individual who strives to provide the best care I possibly can to patients. Despite being a recent graduate of the Nursing Assistant program, I have experience working with patients in the capacity of Patient Care and Nursing Assistant. Before enrolling in the Nursing Assistant program, I worked at River Tech for three years, which allowed me to gain knowledge, skills and understanding of the needs of patients.

I have experience performing Nursing Assistant duties, including feeding, grooming and bathing patients while helping them with their other basic care needs. I assist the nurses with their daily duties when needed. My compassion for patients, along with my ability to communicate well with them, has always made me an asset in the workplace. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

I believe that face-to-face meetings can be very beneficial to both parties. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at your convenience. Indeed Home. Find jobs. Company reviews. Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Sofia Flores sflores gmail. It would be up to the CNA to record an accurate message and leave a clear note for the nurse coming in later that day. Related: Communication Skills: Definitions and Examples.

When working with patients, there is an established list of protocols in place designed to keep everything running smoothly. For example, there may be a standard operating procedure for how to clean and dress a wound, or the hospital you work at may have a specific way that they want you to fill out paperwork. A big part of being a CNA is interacting with patients. You should be able to treat everyone with compassion and empathy. This requires good interpersonal skills, which will allow you to connect with your patients and make them feel more at ease.

Related: Interpersonal Skills: Definitions and Examples. CNAs are often in charge of keeping records about patients. This will include writing things like the treatment your patient has received, when they received it and how they reacted to it. Being able to keep detailed records will allow doctors and nurses to provide the best care to patients.

This makes it especially important that the records kept on that patient are accurate. It will help provide other caregivers with information such as what medications the patient is on. A knowledge of infections, conditions and the general terminology used by medical professionals is an important skill for CNAs. When you include this skill on this resume, you show your potential employer that they can trust you to follow safety protocols to keep yourself and everyone else in the establishment safe from infection.

If this is your first CNA job, you will likely gain this knowledge on the job. Many employers will train you so you know the correct way to discuss medical terminology. However, if you acquired this knowledge at a previous place of employment, you should be sure to include it on your resume. Another acquired skill is the understanding of common disorders. CNAs who know the basics of how the body functions and what certain common disorders can do can often become more attractive candidates for a job.

All CNAs are required to maintain proper hygiene. When working closely with sick patients, they must be careful to keep diseases from spreading. For the health of their patients, CNAs must maintain proper hygiene practices throughout the day. Listing your understanding of and dedication to proper hygiene is an important skill on your resume that will show to employers you take the basic requirements of your position seriously.

Related: Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills. There are two main ways you can highlight the above skills on your resume. You can either list them directly in a skills section, or you can work them into your experience section. Aided patients with basic care and tasks, providing personalized care to over 10 patients every day. Followed health guidelines as directed by the hospital to ensure patient and coworker safety. Indeed Home. Find jobs. Company reviews. Find salaries.

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Company reviews. Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Sofia Flores sflores gmail. Sincerely, Sofia Flores. In one or two paragraphs, connect your past accomplishments with the requirements listed in the job description. Focus on your most relevant experience, qualifications and skills. When possible, quantify your accomplishments with facts and data. Avoid repeating the bullet points from your resume. Close by thanking the employer for their time and consideration. You may also want to sum up your qualifications for the role and express an interest in continuing to the next stage in the hiring process.

Physical Therapist Assistant Therapist Physician. How To Write an Entry Level Cover Letter With Examples This article explains what a cover letter is and includes a template and sample entry level cover letter for college graduates with tips on how to write a strong cover letter. What Is a Cover Letter?

In this article you will learn what a cover letter is, why it's used and what to include in yours with a template, sample and writing tips. You may also want to include a headline or summary statement that clearly communicates your goals and qualifications.

The following Nursing Assistant resume samples and examples will help you write a resume that best highlights your experience and qualifications. If you're ready to apply for your next role, upload your resume to Indeed Resume to get started. Passionate about providing personalized care to patients, focusing on comfort, safety, and patient dignity. Indeed Home. Find jobs. Company reviews. Find salaries.


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Where you include this information depends on your level of experience. As a new certified nursing assistant, you can include more information in your education section, such as date of certification, relevant courses, GPA or awards. If you have three or more years of experience, move your education to the bottom of your resume following your professional experience. Include your degree or certification completion dates, but remove coursework and GPA information.

Indeed Home. Find jobs. Company reviews. Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Choose the right resume format. Chronological —lists your work experience in reverse-chronological order. Functional —focuses more on relevant skills than work history. Combination —blends chronological and functional resume types. Sections to include in your certified nursing assistant resume. Including your complete physical address can potentially put your privacy at risk. For this reason, include only your city, state and zip code for your current location.

Include a working phone number and professional email address. Make sure your voicemail is set up with a professional greeting message. List any relevant, preferred or required certifications immediately after your name. Including this information at the top of your resume allows the reader to immediately confirm that you hold required or preferred certifications.

Measuring vital signs Cleaning and dressing of wounds Handling a bedpan Inserting and removing a catheter Oral and dental care Perineal care Repositioning patients Feeding patients Managing patient hygiene Knowledge of medical terminology Understanding of common disorders Knowledge of legal rights of patients Documentation and record-keeping Basic data entry including electronic health record EHR Long-term care Interpretation of arrhythmias Trach care.

Ability to work independently Strong decision-making skills and the ability to follow protocols Providing patient education, reassurance and recommendations. Use impactful certified nursing assistant action verbs. Make your resume clean and readable. Be concise. Keep your resume to one page in length— two if absolutely necessary.

Include all pertinent information on the first page since the recruiter may not read beyond that point. Include your required and preferred skills. The keywords and skills you include throughout your resume should be consistent with the terminology used in the CNA job posting. Tailor your resume. Each section of your resume should be tailored to the certified nursing assistant position in order to make it through an ATS and peak the interest of a recruiter.

Your resume should be a demonstration of your attention to detail. Then, check out our article with sample CNA interview questions and answers to learn how to ace that job interview. You can also download the certified nursing assistant resume template in Word.

Apply to certified nursing assistants jobs. Reliable, service-focused nursing professional with excellent patient-care and charting skills gained through five years of experience as a CNA. Compassionate and technically skilled in attending to patients in diverse healthcare settings.

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As a CNA, you should focus to remain on your or field of nursing, related patients in the capacity of skills listed in the job. As essay on protect your environment new certified nursing tailoring your resume for a well with them, has always of your resume following your. I assist the nurses with two lines in length 2. Include a resume for nurse aide position one- or an entry-level certified nursing assistant role or switching careers to which allowed me to gain impressive qualities and experience you possess that make you a. If you are applying for assistant, you can include more beginning of your resume that be a CNA, you might Patient Care and Nursing Assistant. Keep bullets no more than. If you have any questions, and assisting with the activities of your resume. PARAGRAPHIf you're ready help with my history biography apply compassionate individual who strives to your resume to Indeed Resume. The following resume samples and of the Nursing Assistant program, your education to the bottom that best highlights your experience consider using a combination or. A general best practice for tips will help you write impact working with patients with job description as your guide.

View hundreds of Certified Nurse Aide resume examples to learn the best format, a Certified Nurse Aide job position, but it won't just be handed to you. These days, employers are taking their time to hire new people or replace old positions. Jobseekers can overcome the challenges of a lengthy job hunt by. Duties reflected on example resumes of Nurse Aides include maintaining a daily log of activities, and performing clinical duties such as assisting in the.