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Cover letter blind resume


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My Company. Polls Browse by: Companies Keywords. Privacy and Terms. Home Industries Tech. May 3, 8 Comments. BlackNigga Go to company page Twitch Cust. Cover letters were useful back in the days when you were submitting a letter package into a company's po box, and the person reading your package had a letter to understand wtf you sent your resume in.

Today, there is email and social media. Blind cover letters -- sometimes referred to as unsolicited cover letters -- are addressed to companies that don't have advertised job openings. Job seekers who write blind cover letters typically select companies based on an interest in the organization or news about the organization's growth or expansion. While some blind cover letters are mere form letters, the most effective ones contain as much personalization as possible.

It's wise to research the organization for the name of an HR representative or a hiring manager before sending a letter. Job seekers who focus their search on certain industries might construct a blind cover letter that contains details about their experience in the industry. For example, a pharmaceutical sales executive who sends a blind cover letter to a drug manufacturer might reference the prescription or over-the-counter medications she has sold throughout her career.

In addition, she can include information in her cover letter that a pharmaceutical firm would appreciate, such as evidence that the job seeker stays abreast of current developments in the industry. In some instances, job seekers send a blind cover letter that's truly blind. That is, they don't have a position in mind. The job seeker's work history is nonspecific, so there could be a number of jobs for which the job seeker might qualify.

A blind cover letter where the job seeker isn't asking to be considered for a specific position highlights transferable skills and asks to be considered for a role based on those skills. For example, a blind cover letter might open with: "I read with great interest that ABC Retail is opening a new store in Manhattan. I'd like to be considered for a position in the new location based on my background in operations, accounting and administration in a number of industries, such as health care, legal services and manufacturing.

Blind cover letters require followup. Job seekers who put in the work of sending unsolicited cover letters to numerous employers often indicate when they will follow up with the organization.

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Writing a cold contact cover letter is harder, however, since you cannot base your pitch off of the information provided in the job description. In your letter, convey your interest in the organization, identify your most relevant skills and experience , and explain what you would offer the organization.

Particularly since you're sending unsolicited correspondence, you should have a strong pitch or thesis statement for why you're worth considering. For instance, you might say:. From the awards your company has received, it's clear that you make the very best of Widget X. However, the directions on how to assemble Widget X aren't as praised. That's where I can help: As an award-winning technical writer, I excel at explaining complex things in clear, simple language.

Here are the basic elements you'll want to include in your cold contact cover letter:. Start with a strong subject line—this will help ensure that the recipient will open the email, despite not recognizing the sender.

As well, you'll want to have an attention-getting first sentence that conveys both what you want a job; an informational interview and what you can offer. Be clear about why you'd be an asset. This is where research comes in: You want to connect the company's needs and goals with your skills and abilities.

Show how you're well-suited to help the company achieve its mission, whether that's selling more widgets or making on-time deliveries. If you have a connection that you can mention, make sure to include that information in the first few sentences of the letter. Always check beforehand to make sure the c onnection is comfortable with you including their name and prepared to recommend you.

It's great to say you have a proven track record launching PR campaigns; even better to send a link to an article or press release about the campaign's success. Include a link or attachments to your portfolio, writing clips, and any other relevant evidence of your work. Conclude your email by offering next steps, such as a potential time for a follow-up call or a request for an interview or conversation.

While your goal may ultimately be a job interview, smaller requests, such as an informational interview , tour of the company, or request for information on the next job fair, may more readily be granted. Is it worth it to send cold contact letters? That's a tricky question to answer. As you can see, crafting a strong cold contact cover letter involves as much time—or even more—than a cover letter written in response to a posted job description.

And even with a strong, targeted letter, there's no guarantee that the company will be receptive to your overture. However, that doesn't mean that cold contact letters and emails never get results. If you email persuasively and convey clearly why the company needs someone like you, it can be far more attention-getting than one of many emails in a pile of cover letters responding to a posted offer.

Much of the success of a cold cover letter depends on timing, your understanding of the company, and the quality of your letter. This technique is most likely to be successful when you're truly passionate about a company and believe you'd be an asset. Before sending a cold contact cover letter, do your research. As well as knowing the company, you'll want to send your letter to the most appropriate person.

Use LinkedIn to find out the names of managers or employees in the department where you'd like to work. Basics Glossary. Table of Contents Expand. Highlight what you and the company have in common. End your unsolicited covering letter by asking for a call or meeting to follow up on your cold cover letter and resume.

Also include a line thanking the recruiter for their time. Feel free to add an electronic signature if you have one for a more personalized feel. Also, make sure the title of your cover letter is professional and matches that of your resume. Here are a few bonus tips that will have your cold cover letter warming recruiter hearts in no time:. As you can see, writing the different parts of a cold cover letter are very similar to writing parts of a cover letter.

Given their similarities, the format of a cold cover letter is just the same as the format of a traditional cover letter. Here are some tips on formatting a cold cover letter:. You want to have the hiring manager read to the end with interest and then want to call you for an interview. White space, concise paragraphs, and bullet points will help you do just that. Read more: Cover Letter Spacing and Margins. That said, if you do hear back, it might turn out that you just hit a bullseye.

Thanks for reading! Do you use cold cover letters? Let us know in the comments! Check these tips and tricks and write your cover letter in no time. Your writing is on point, but your cover letter design skills need some help. See job-winning cover letter templates and tips on crafting your own. To learn more visit our Privacy Policy Got it!

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